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How To Make Delicious Peanut Butter Fudge

25 October 2016 | Post A Comment

Fudge is one of my favourites treats to eat and its really fun to make when you can get it right. This is the best method I have come across, it's really easy to get a good texture, even if you're new to making fudge and tastes heavenly. I would recommend investing in a sugar thermometer, they're really cheap and really help getting the temperature accurate. You can do it without but it's a bit hit and miss if you'll get the mixture right or not.

What you'll need...

500g sugar
1 tbsp. glucose syrup (can be bought in the baking section of most supermarkets)
150ml milk (whole is best)
150g butter
150g crunchy peanut butter

Line a loaf tin with cling film and fill a large bowl with really cold water. Heat all the ingredients very slowly on a low heat until everything has melted and dissolved. Brush the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to get rid of any undissolved sugar crystals as leaving them can make fudge grainy. Place the thermometer in the mixture and bring to the boil. When it reaches 116c quickly put the pan in the cold water and leave for 5 minutes. Then beat the fudge until thick with an electric whisk or a a hand whisk until your arm hurts too much to carry on and pour into the prepared tin. Leave until it is completely cold before cutting.

I told you it was easy! If you don't have a thermometer, you need a small bowl of cold water. When the fudge has been boiling for around 2 minutes, take a teaspoon of the mixture and place into the water, if you can mould it into a ball with your fingers it has reached soft ball stage and is ready to go!

Have you ever tried making fudge? Do you think you'll be having a go at making this? 

"Come now Harry, the Ministry doesn't send people to Azkaban for blowing up their aunts." - Cornelius Fudge 


  1. Mmmmmm! Looks so yummy! Deffiently going to be trying this out!

    Love from Elizabeth x

  2. omg. This looks delicious! I've made regular fudge but never peanut butter so will 100% need to try this! mmm….
    Nicole x /

  3. Hey lovely x Can I get the glucose from the supermarket?

  4. I have tried making fudge once, but it didn't come out very well. But this looks delicious, I will have to try this out

  5. OH my goodness, these sound amaaaazing! 2 of my favourite things in one :) Wendy xx

    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's

  6. This looks delicious, I am definitely tempted to give it a go lovely! Gx

  7. This sounds delicious, I know I would make a massive mess trying to make it though

  8. This looks amazing, my boyfriend is a big peanut butter fiend so I'll be making this for him!

    A Forte For Fashion


  9. Looks really yummy :) Thanks for sharing x

  10. I'm not a big fan of fudge but my god does this look good!! I'll definitely have to try make some :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  11. Yummy! I love learning about new recipes. I’ve never made fudge before but now I’m so tempted! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  12. Oh holy YUM!! I must try make this is near future looks delicious x

    Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

  13. My mum and me recently started baking together, so I know she'll love this idea! I'd love to attempt red velvet cupcakes x

  14. You should definitely try these out they're soo delicious! And red velvet cupcakes sound like a great idea 👍 xxx

  15. I'm not a big fan of fudge or peanut butter but this sounds so simple to make. I might try these out and give them to my sister as part of her birthday gift.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Sabah ||

  16. I'm really not a massicve peanut butter fan but trust me, this is delicious, you'll love it! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Sabah xxx