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My September New Music Playlist

3 October 2016 | Post A Comment

I think I constantly have music playing. It gets me through the day and I love nothing more than a solo night time car journey with my favourite songs playing louder than the voice in my head. These are the new songs I've been listening to this month. I have a very varied music taste so it's a bit of a mix but I hope you find some new songs that can give you something new to listen to and make you feel something. 

Florence Welch has such an amazing voice that makes you believe everything she says. Her new song 'Wish That You Were Here' is so honest and raw I probably cried the first 10 times I listened to it. I've also been listening to her most recent album 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' on repeat and I swear it's perfect, I don't know how I hadn't heard it before. (Lucy, if you haven't already listened to it, do it now, i promise you'll love it!) My favourite song on the album is definitely 'St Jude', there are a couple of lines in it that just get me so hard every time. 'Delilah' is definitely a close second. 

I feel like it's been too long since Lady Gaga has released a new song. 'Perfect Illusion' has that Gaga vibe I've missed and makes me want to go back and listen to her old stuff which I don't really think she can beat.

The beginning of WALLS is the sound of my heart waiting for Kings of Leon's new album out in October. I am in love with the steady build up in this song that sounds like it's constantly on the edge of something bigger that never really amounts, leaving a feeling of unsettlement and a need to listen even more intensely. The relentless drum beat in the background carries the stripped back vocals leaving behind a song of honest beauty that forces itself to be heard again and again. 

I first heard James Arthur's new song turned down in the car whilst chatting to a friend and couldn't help but catch a few Ed-like lyrics and guitar and had to turn it up. James' voice is beautiful and I'm so pleased he's come out of the X Factor winner's hiding place with this song. 

My guilty pleasure is Pentatonix, their songs are infectious with their tight harmonies and creative arrangements. I was so excited by this new collab with Dolly Parton. The reinvention of this classic peaks at 1min 15 and takes it somewhere totally new and exciting.

'Okay' by The Piano Guys (who I have loved forever) is possibly the cheesiest, most uplifting song I've heard in a while. The lyrics are pretty cringeworthy but it might just be the best song you could listen to whilst cleaning the house on a sunny morning, starting your day off with a surge of positivity. 

The next couple of songs are going to give you the same feelings as the previous song and I can't help but listen to them with an internal smile. They sound like a final wave goodbye to summer days and ice creams and I think you're going to love them. 

To be honest, I didn't know who Jasmine Thompson was before, but she knows how to sing beautiful songs. You'll be singing out loud to this in your car after just a few listens pretending you're in a music video, or maybe that's just me? 

Another catchy one from Ellie Goulding. I hadn't realised that I had been listening to the remix of this for quite a while and not being that in love with it, this version is loads better and just as catchy. 

Bon Iver creates such magical music. '33 "GOD"' is so entrancingly ethereal and quietly enchanting, littered with samples and vivid imagery and ideas creating a masterpiece that demands to consume and transport you for 3 and a half minutes of brilliance. (Dad, listen to it in the dark)

I hope you got to the end of this post, it was longer than I expected. I throughly enjoyed disappearing in to the music in this post and I hope you can do the same. 

"We had what we wanted: your eyes. (When we leave this room it's gone)" - Bon Iver


  1. A big hug to you xxx Keep strong!!

  2. Stay strong my love, we're all here for you x x x

  3. Thank you so much Beth. I hope you're enjoying my posts xx