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35 Things To Do When You're 'Bored'

10 November 2016 | Post A Comment

1. Go on a spontaneous road trip
A long car journey with the perfect playlist, good company and a well stocked glove compartment of snacks gets me really excited. If we get lost, even better!

2. Have a conversation with someone on the phone 
I usually hate the thought of speaking to people on the phone, it makes me really anxious so I try to avoid it. But if there is a close friend or family member I haven’t seen for a while, it can make their day to give them a ring and I usually quickly feel more comfortable and can relax into a good conversation.

3. Go shopping in a new city 
Going shopping in a beautiful city with lovely weather can make a great day out with stops at cafes, visits to bookshops and treating yourself a little.

4. Borrow some books from the library 
At a good library you can really take your time to go through the shelves and get some books you’ve meaning to read for a while. I think borrowing a book is always a good idea if you’re not sure what you think of a book and don’t want to commit to buying it. Without a doubt, it’s a perfect excuse to get lost in a maze of books for a while which sounds like a good way to spend time to me!

5. Write a bucket list
It could be a list of things you want to do in the next 10 years or everything you want to accomplish and experience before you die. And then start making plans to complete it!

6. Exercise 
If the thought of this fills you with dread then maybe start small. Get up and do as many star jumps as you can do, do a beginners workout, run up and down the stairs or go on a walk. If you're crazy you could go to the gym. 

7. Take a long bubble bath
Out of all the things on this list I think I am most experienced at this one. I've been taking 3 to 4 hour baths most days lately... But I've been getting lots of reading done and thoroughly enjoyed them! A kid's bubble bath is obligatory for overflowing bubbles and feeling like your reading in the middle of a cloud.

8.  Bake Cupcakes
You should definitely try out this recipe for amazing apple and cinnamon cupcakes. The cupcakes are really easy but are very unique and delicious so great ones to try out as a creative alternative to simple vanilla buns. 

9. Listen to music in the dark 
I love listening to great music. Using really good quality speakers or headphones in the dark is such an enjoyable experience. I feel like when you limit your senses to just one it enhances the whole experience and you can become totally immersed. 

10. Organise an area of your house
If it's your kitchen cupboards, or that drawer that you always just throw everything in, spend the next hour or so giving it a good clear out and put in place a efficient organisation system.

11. Get a piercing 
If I'm feeling a little lost or feel the dark cloud pass over me but have a real urge to break out of it, I usually feel compelled to get a new piercing. The pain and adrenaline boost often gets me out of it but probably isn't the most sensible idea in the world and I'm starting to run out of ear space... If you don't have any or many, I'd recommend getting some!

12. Watch a new film at the cinema
I'm usually rubbish at watching films and get distracted really easily until I've lost my grip on the plot and then give up or fall asleep. This rarely happens at the cinema as I feel obliged to really pay attention. I feel like it's a great escape from reality for a couple of hours and a good excuse to eat popcorn and sweets.

13. Watch a Disney film
This is an especially good option if you're feeling low. Try and choose a film from your childhood for lots of nostalgia.

14. Start a blog
Start a blog and you'll never be bored again. You won't understand until you start but once you do, a million and one things will be added to your to-do list, there is always something to do and the connections and engagement you gain will make it all worthwhile.

15. Make a fort
At the beginning of my relationship with Rob, when asked the question 'what do you want to do today?' I often replied with the answer 'let's make a fort!'. And we're still together, so maybe that's the secret to a lasting relationship. Either way, building a fort is always a good idea. Gather your blankets and create something amazing!

16. Play a board game
Getting a couple of friends round and hosting a games tournament is the recipe for a night well spent. 

17. Eat at a new restaurant 
It's easy to stick at the same restaurants you know you love but next time you dine out, try a new one. Even better, go for a new cuisine you haven't tried before. 

18. Go out for milkshake
If you can, go to one of those heavens dedicated solely to milkshake and choose the milkshake of dreams.

19. Write lists
If this post doesn't give it away a little, I'm a huge fan of the list. I write lots of different lists through out the day. Goal lists are my favourites but they are also a great way to get organised. 

20. Research a topic you know little about 
Maybe you heard someone mention something that sparked your interest or you want to understand a topic better that has come up on the news, whatever it is, research it. You can learn about anything you can imagine on the internet or even better, pick up a book on the subject for a good overall insight.

21. Put together a reading list and start reading it
I shared my Autumn reading list here and am slowly making my way through it. Going through a reading list is very satisfying and is a good way to focus your reading.

22. Do something that scares you
Start out small, do something that makes you a little nervous. Then go bigger. Quit your job and follow your dream even if it terrifies you, travel on your own, talk to your crush. Go out and do something now.

23. Make a new playlist of your favourite songs on Spotify
Make your ultimate get ready playlist, a playlist that helps you sleep or just a playlist full of your all time favourite songs. Check out my playlists here if you like.

24. Arrange a trip
Whether it's a night away, a trip to the coast or a week long holiday abroad, get a trip in your calendar with your favourite people and start looking forward to it.

25. Make pancakes
Whisk 100g sieved plain flour, 2 eggs and 300ml milk. See how many times you can flip them and laugh when they fall on the floor. Add nutella, maple syrup, lemon juice and sugar.

26. Go shopping just to try on clothes you would never normally chose
You don't even need to buy them. Have fun trying on fashion looks you would never pick out and be surprised with what styles suit you!

27. Collect and count all your loose change 
There's probably a lot of loose change collecting under the sofa, in coat pockets and the footwell of your car. Collect it all together and see how much you can make.

28. Write about a traumatic or negative experience
You can keep it to yourself or share it with the world. Writing about a bad experience is a great way to come to terms with it and turn it into something positive that can help you as a person. I wrote about my traumatic experience on anti-depressants here.

29. Do something kind for someone else
It can be small, or it can be big. Try to help someone out who is in need or repay someone for kindness that they have shown to you. 

30. Paint a wall in your house
Pick a statement wall in your house and paint it yellow to make you feel happy when you look at it, blue to bring a sense of calm or any other colour you fancy.

31. Deep clean your house
Get on some comfy clothes and spend the next couple of hours deep cleaning the house or your bedroom until it shines and smells amazing. You'll feel such a sense of achievement and want to invite everyone you know round to your beautiful place.

32. Organise a party
Don't wait until a birthday or big celebration, have a party for the sake of having a party. 

33. Break a bad habit
If you have a habit you've been trying to break for a while you might need to think of a step by step plan to beat it. A good trick is to try to replace a bad habit with a habit that is less detrimental.

34. Practice a musical instrument or begin to learn a new one
There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument. Try a couple and see what you like. You could even try to teach yourself some simple chords on the guitar or learn simple pop instrumentals from YouTube on the piano. 

35. Play hide and seek
Find someone to play with you and then find them again in a game of hide and seek. Do it in your house or even better, outside or in Ikea for hours of fun.

I planned on making this post 100 things to do when you're bored but this is definitely long enough! I challenge you to do one of the things of this list now, which one will you pick? What things would you add to the list?

"When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting." Jon Kabat-Zinn

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