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My Aims, Distressing Content, And Stigma

30 November 2016 | Post A Comment

My mental health hasn't been that great the past couple of weeks and this is reflected in the content of my blog. When my mind is in a darker place, my content is going to go there too. 

This is because my main priority for All Things Beautiful is for it to be an authentic insight into mental health. With any work I put into this blog, honesty is at the very front of my mind and this is incredibly important to me. My second aim is to help people. I feel I can do this through my blog in a number of ways. I can provide comfort and hope that things can get better and I can give people an insight and understanding into mental health so they can either understand themselves better or better understand others, or both. 

My first priority can sometimes conflict with my second. I don't want my blog to become a depression blog. I don't want my loyal readers to read a new post every other day about how terrible I am feeling again. To make reading my ramblings worth your time, you need value. And insight is value, education is value. But so is hope and comfort. I think the second part of my aims for the site is sometimes being neglected with my focus on the first. Sometimes my being honest and open can be somewhat distressing or upsetting. 

When I write, I write from the deepest part of my being and I want the reader to be effected. 
If you are effected by my writing, I believe I am doing something right. But there needs to be balance, I don't want to just effect you with negativity. I want to make a difference to how you see the world and others in it.

Some days I wake up and I can feel my thoughts are in a better place and I can put all my effort into writing more uplifting posts like this one and this one and this one. They are among the posts I am most proud of.

I often get comments on how brave I am for sharing what I share on my blog. Exposing the depths of my mind to the internet does sometimes feel scary. But being in the depths of my mind is scarier. And by sharing I might help others, and I might help myself. And I have nothing to hide, I am not embarrassed by my mental health. I am actively trying to fight stigma. I think it is this attitude that has the power to beat it.

I wrote this post as an extension of what I discussed in last weeks newsletter but I thought it was important for my wider readership to understand too. If you would like a wider understanding of what goes into my blog it would be great if you could sign up below. I also include motivational challenges and quotes and I hope it's an email you will look forward to receiving every Sunday. 

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