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My Views On Male Birth Control

8 November 2016 | Post A Comment
It took me a lot longer than I'd like to admit to find a stock photo to fit this post. Thought about using a picture of an injection but searching for the right one nearly made me faint. I've looked at 1000s of stock photos of men doing all sorts of weird things and finally settled on this one. Let's pretend it symbolises looking out in wonder at all the imaginable possibilities of male contraception...

News on advancements in male contraception have been coming up in the media quite a bit recently. With headlines like 'Birth Control Shots For Men Prevent Pregnancy, But Cause Mood Swings And Depression' it's easy to see how it could anger some women who have been suffering with these side effects along with so many more for years. 

If a contraception method is likely to cause negative side effects it should be well researched, documented, publicised and warned against. The pill has had me bleeding heavily for weeks with intense cramps, and excruciating twisted cysts on my ovaries, where I couldn't move without crying in pain and electric spasms going down my legs. I also suffer with mood swings and depression and am aware that this is likely worsened by the pill. This shouldn't happen to anyone. 

I am far from being alone, almost every woman has a story to tell about how the pill or other hormone altering method has effected them negatively and often traumatically. 

We need to keep talking about contraception and doctors need to be more explicit in their warnings for the side effects that they cause. Women need to be aware that even if they don't experience noticeable side effects whilst taking the pill it can cause long term problems or problems when you decide to come off them.

Get educated on the options for birth control for you and be informed on what you are doing to your body. I am still on the mini-pill at the moment and am not discouraging birth control, just encouraging awareness. 

I think the news on the birth control injection for men is a great step in the right direction. It's really positive for introducing more options for men to take the pressure off women having to always have the responsibility. More importantly it's opening up the discussion about the side effects to birth control and what should be acceptable. If a male alternative is stopped because it causes bad side effects, the options for women and the side effects they cause need to be seriously questioned. 

I've seen tweets from women saying it's about time men suffer with birth control too. I think this is the wrong way of thinking about it. What if it's about time no one suffers?

"When men are oppressed it's a tragedy, when women are oppressed it's a tradition. Both should be a tragedy" Letty Cottin Pogrebin

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