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Things You Can Do If You Want To Hurt Yourself

19 December 2016 | Post A Comment

At it's core, All Things Beautiful is not intended as a support system. But I am aware that some people may use it that way. This makes me feel some level of responsibility and pressure. (I spoke in more detail about my aims for my blog in this post.) 

A couple of days ago I published this post about scars. It was a difficult topic to write about. I wanted it to be brutally honest yet aware of the sensitivity of the topic and how it could be interpreted by others, particularly the vulnerable. Although I don't hate my scars, of course I wish I never felt the need to cause them in the first place. I don't in any way want to put a positive spin on hurting yourself. 

If you are struggling at the moment and feel the urge to cause yourself harm in anyway, these are some things that may help. I think it's really important to try and work out why you want to hurt yourself in this moment. 

Do you want to feel something real or crave feeling? Try to focus your breathing or follow a meditation video. You could also squeeze hard on an ice cube or have a freezing cold shower or bath. 

Are you angry or frustrated? Rip paper, punch pillows, smash ice cubes, scream if you need to. Run as fast as you can. Write words on your skin. 

If you feel very sad. Listen to sad music. Cry really hard. Talk to someone about how you feel. Accept the sadness and cry yourself to sleep, you will feel some relief when you wake up. 

I know this can sound too simplistic. If you simply have an overwhelming urge to hurt yourself, just try any of these things, it might really help. Remember this feeling is temporary. Whether you act on it or not, the urge will at some point lift. You can do this. 

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  1. What a useful post - everyone who's angry or upset could really use these. I tend to cry when I'm upset or really angry or just confused and my boyfriend always gets defensive because he thinks it's because it's him. No, I cry because of myself. Because I want to. Because it makes me feel better afterwards (minus the headache). x