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2 December 2016 | Post A Comment

One of my favourite aspects about relaunching All Things Beautiful has been rediscovering my love of writing. School nearly ruined it for me. I remember writing exams were completely focused on writing to a formula. Creativity and passion were forgotten about and even discouraged if you wanted to score well. 

I feel like a real passion for writing is hard to come by. And the education system has made it that way. I used to read a massive number of blogs daily. This has now gone down to just a couple as I get so frustrated by the carelessness of the writing. I no longer want to waste my time reading words that contain no life or soul.

With this relaunch I didn't want my writing to go unnoticed. I want it to be a priority, I want it to get noticed, I want it to matter. 

Writing is a form of communication. We can use words to motivate, heal and empower. We can use words to tell stories. The words we choose and the order we leave them on the page is our power. We can all learn how to enhance this power, how to make it more effective. I now want to dedicate as much time as I can to writing and expressing what I want to say in the most effecting way possible.

I've put together some tips for how I write. They are just advice from what I personally do and some of them are geared more towards writing for an audience. Break them all if you want, that's the fun of it. 

1. Write without thinking, let your thoughts spill out onto a page. This is your beautifully imperfect first draft. Now go back and edit, edit, edit. 

2. Re-write every sentence until you cannot find any further faults.

3. Read your writing out loud.

4. When you don't know what to write, just write exactly what you feel.

5. Write what you need to write. 

6. Write what you need to read.

7. Take it seriously, but not too seriously.

8. Write in different styles, tenses and formats to different effects. (For example, I wanted to address my alcoholism in a post but didn't know the best way to do it. So I wrote it in the form of a letter, addressed to alcohol. Read it here. I also used present tense to write a post about what a 'good day' looks like for me here.)

9. Replace multiple words with one word that says the same thing.

10. Write controversially, break rules.

11. Think about what you are trying to say, then say that. 

12. Use a thesaurus constantly. Every time you go to use the 'very' or 'really', lookup the word that follows and use a stronger synonym for that instead when it is more effective. 

13. Read a lot.

14. People are lazy. Don't make them read long sentences or paragraphs- because they won't.

15. Get rid of words that you don't need. 

16. Avoid repetition, unless it is for effect (I love using intentional repetition)

17. Exploit negative space. Write short sentences, write short paragraphs to emphasise points. 

18. Think hard about how you end your post, this is what will be remembered. 

19. Do things differently. Finish a list on 19.


  1. Great advice lovely :) I can definitely tell how passionate you are about writing when I read your posts, you're an amazing writer & it's obvious how much thought you put into every word and sentence. Since english isn't my first language I sometimes worry that my writing doesn't sound as good as it should but I think it's not too bad, or at least I hope it isn't haha. I get what you mean when you say some blogs just don't focus on writing enough though, to me content is more important than beautiful pictures x


  2. I love this post. I've been thinking the exact same - bloggers have become incredibly lazy with writing. It's all grammatical errors and what's the lack of capitalisation about?! Not even talking about the 'this lipstick is lovely and the consistency is lovely and the colour is lovely' writing style. Sigh.

    I do what you do - write just as it flows and then edit. Although I still have to work on the length of my posts, I write waaaay too much!


  3. I don't read much but I really like your writing. When are you going to write a book because I would definitely want to read that xx

  4. i started using grammarly which also catches some mistakes :)

  5. Awesome tips. Some of them are amazing reminders of points that often slip our minds! Loved the one on making the end memorable, for our audience!

  6. I've relaunched old blogs and it's like falling in love again. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I have been practicing writing without thinking! It's such a good practice to be in!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial