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Working through the blockage

24 March 2017 | Post A Comment

I don't usually think in words. My thoughts are made of emotive impulses, images and textures. Writing is one of the only times these 'thoughts' become translated into language. 

When I get into a flow of writing, I love it. The meaning of the thoughts fluidly form sentences through the tips of my fingers on to the screen in front of me and I am left a mere bystander to the words. It's happening now. 

But sometimes there is no English translation to the 'images' in my head and they become stuck at my fingertips, unable to escape. The imagined blockage causes a build up of thoughts and one day I fear I may just burst. The frustration can be unbearable. 

This has been happening all day. So I thought I would allow myself to write about that feeling in itself. 

Today, I can't express the thoughts that are inside my head that I want to let out. I've tried, but the thoughts are more stubborn even than me and they're pretty clingy. They don't want out just yet.