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20 More Things To Do When You're 'Bored'

2 May 2017 | Post A Comment

1. Learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube
I spent many hours teaching myself how to solve a Rubik's Cube using various YouTube tutorials. I don't regret a minute. 

2. Try the cold shower challenge
If this sounds like a terrible idea, don't worry. Just read this post. I explain how I think taking a daily freezing cold shower can drastically change the way you approach struggle. It's worth it!

3. Write a stream of consciousness
Just write. Try not to think, allow the words to spill out. 

4. Try the food you didn't like when you were younger
We all have memories of hating a specific food as a child. Maybe you were forced to eat mushrooms or tricked into trying an olive after being told it was a grape. Whatever it is try it again and give it a shot. The first bite will just confirm to your brain the thoughts you have already formed towards the food so keep eating it and you might be surprised. I can now eat olives! 

5. Read outside 
It can be so relaxing reading under a blue sky with no distractions as the day passes around you. If it's cold don't miss out on getting wrapped up and finding a bench to transport you into a different world.

6. Sing along to your favourite songs 

7. Go for a walk with your camera 
It could be in your town centre, on a quiet road or the middle of the countryside, take photos of anything and everything that catches your eye.

8. Cook something on an open fire
Maybe you should look into this a little first. I'm not sure how this open fire is created, how you cook the food properly or avoid the need of a fire engine but I like the sound of it.

9. Ask someone about their childhood
I love hearing childhood stories. Ask your older relatives, your close friends. What was the most mischievous thing they did? Were they closer to their Mum or their Dad? What theories did they imagine to explain the world around them?

10. Create a weekly cleaning and household job schedule 
This sounds incredibly boring but trust me, I almost feel happy now I can see the bottom of my washing basket. 

11. Chew a whole packet of bubble gum and blow a bubble bigger than your face
Why not? Take a photo for instagram and boast about how you spend your free time.

12. Forgive someone 
You might have been holding a grudge for a while. You might have been seriously wronged or maybe you're just being a bit stubborn about something small. Or maybe you need to try to forgive yourself. 

13. Have a bed day
Watch a full series of your favourite show with your favourite snacks. Read lots of books. Be naked. Nap. Write lists. Dream. 

14. Drive somewhere 
Just get in your car and drive.

15. Listen to an audiobook
I love listening to audiobooks. It means you can read and get stuff done at the same time- the dream! Sometimes it is easier to get into and audiobook so it could be a good way to read a book you wouldn't normally read.

16. Try something from this list
If this list isn't doing anything for you or you're desperate for more, have a read through my original list of 35 things to do when you're bored. I should do this more often.

17. Watch the stars
On a clear night, go somewhere quiet, lie on your back and relax into your gaze. Think about everything, you'll feel better.

18. Learn about the stars you're seeing
Learn about the constellations and how to spot them and you'll never look at the night sky the same way again.

19. Meditate
Download the 'Calm' or 'Headspace' app for your phone and start the beginners program. There are countless benefits to meditating regularly, once you start to do it properly it can really change your life.

20. Try a new recipe 
Choose a recipe with ingredients you can't pronounce and go out searching for them. Then get into your kitchen, put your favourite playlist on loud, guess the quantities and taste as you go along. 

Go and do something off this list right now and report back in the comments. Feel free to add your own suggestions. Have a good day xxx

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