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My Vegan Story

14 April 2018 | Post A Comment

For the first 20 years of my life, I loved eating meat, I was a huge fan of a roast dinner on a Sunday, I was chocolate obsessed, I drunk milk by the gallon and my first choice at a restaurant was always steak or burger. Growing up, family meals always centred around meat and like most of us, I didn't question it, it was just what you eat. 

But leading up to a year ago I gradually felt a sense of unease around eating animals and started to question what we have all been taught to be normal. I started to think about the obvious double standards we have in this society around which animals we chose to eat and exploit and those we love to love. I remember being curious of the national outrage at the possibility of horse meat being found in certain burgers whilst this same nation eats 2.6 million cows a year. Most of us in Britain are disgusted by the thought of people eating guinea pig or dog in cultures where this is just as acceptable as us eating hens and sheep. My family had recently moved to the Yorkshire Dales and surrounded by the lovely calves in the springtime I found myself wondering what went on to produce so much milk. What happened to the male dairy calves? How do the farmers make the cows produce so much milk? Why aren't their calves drinking it?

As I searched for answers I was horrified by the truth. 

My first year vegan has, in most ways, been easier than I could have imagined. I have a new found love for food and now, the food is actually good for me! I enjoy fuelling my body with foods that humans have evolved to thrive on and that fight diseases rather than cause them. I no longer crave any of the foods I used to enjoy and I have been excited by the many vegan alternatives that didn't involve such terrible suffering. 

I have also found it extremely difficult. Not in terms of expense (it's cheaper) or effort (it's easier) but being exposed to this dark, hidden side of our society is heart breaking. Knowing what is going on behind closed slaughter house doors is devastating and it's hard to accept that I contributed to it for so long. I struggle with accepting that so many people would rather stay blissfully ignorant than face up to what is going on. 

This isn't meant to be a post where I beg you to turn vegan, I am sharing how I came upon this lifestyle. But, if you are interested at all in finding out more I urge you to watch this one video. It is all recent footage from the uk. Watch this one if you are from the US. If you have any questions at all or want any advice, I would be more than happy to help.

This is my vegan story. Maybe yours will start today? 

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