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Starting over

10 April 2018 | Post A Comment

I think I am ready to start writing again.

If you start writing again you need to publish daily, at the same time every day or you have failed, again. Why are you deluding yourself that anyone would be interested in reading your depressing self indulgent little ramblings? You are setting yourself up for failure, it always ends the same way. You can't do this.

Notice negative thought patterns.



in... out... in... out... in... out...

Challenge thoughts.

If you start writing again, maybe you could be a little gentler on yourself this time. It doesn't matter if you have a publishing schedule to stick to, just publishing at all is enough. Think of all the people who have personally told you they have missed your writing. Stop, don't disregard that. Count them. If you expect failure, you will notice failure. Maybe you could go into this with a sense of curiosity, not expecting anything in particular, just see what happens.

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