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Little Things

7 September 2018 | Post A Comment

Sometimes, life is just too much. Sometimes, the pain hurts so deep that living feels impossible and if not impossible then pointless. At these times, thinking further than the present is too difficult, the future is too far away and there are too many obstacles to get there. I'm overwhelmed.

When I get overwhelmed in this way I have learnt to take a step back and slow everything down. I have to focus on the little things that bring me some level of comfort and lean into them. I just need to get through the next minute. The burden of living feels a little lighter already.

I make myself a herbal tea and drink it doing nothing else, focussing entirely on the feeling of the hot liquid flowing down my throat and the warmth spreading through my body. I get into bed and make myself as comfortable as I can and just lie there, letting my focus shift from each body part to the next from my head to my toes, feeling each sensation then letting it go. There's no worry or pressure to fall asleep because what happens in the next hour doesn't matter, we're taking it a minute at a time. I stand outside and think of nothing else but the feel of the air on my skin. I examine the contrast of where my bare skin exposed to the breath of the wind meets skin covered by clothes. I inhale the fresh air and with my mind notice the air leave my nostrils with a new warmth. I read a book and listen to the sounds form silent words in my head.

Just stop, just breathe.

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