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I'm so pleased you want to get in touch. If you are affected by any of the topics I talk about on my blog or relate to them and would like some support, I might be able to help, so feel free to contact me. I also welcome any business enquiries, general questions or just a chat. 

How would you like to reach me?

Email me at if you have a business enquiry, longer question, or just fancy someone to talk to. 

Tweet me @AIlthngsbutiful. The first 'l' is actually a capital 'i', just to confuse you. If you want an answer to a quick question, a chat or anything else, I'll be there. 

My Facebook page is here. I'd actually love it if you liked it and kept up to date there, its awesome for daily updates that don't get seen anywhere else. Messages through my page are also a great way to get in touch and guarantee a quick in-depth reply. 

I would also totally except messenger pigeon or better yet, owl, but not exactly sure how the whole system works...

Looking forward to hearing from you!